Athenry Tour

Athenry Tour

We had an absolutely fantastic tour today at Athenry Heritage Centre and castle.

We began by dressing up in Medieval clothes and getting our photographs taken.

Even our teachers (Ms. Cunningham, Ms. McLoughlin, Ms. Hynes and Ms. Linnane) dressed up too.  They looked great!

Back inside we acted out a very interesting plot involving King Henry II, Strongbow, King Diarmaid, Robin Hood and his merry men (and women) and numerous peasants, villagers, servants, knights, armies and even two horses!

After a hearty lunch outside we tried our hands at archery.

We shot some amazing bulls eyes and even burst some balloons.

We had relay races through the maze, went to the basement and top of Athenry castle, and even found a little time for a play in the playground.

We really enjoyed ourselves.