Dissecting a Squid

Dissecting a Squid

We had another wonderful visit from Dr. Noirín Burke with the Explorers Education Programme.

We had a great chat about what we saw on the beach on June 19th, and all the things we discovered for ourselves that day.

We talked about all the various plants and animals and what each had in common with the other things we found.

We learned the parts of a squid…….and then……….we dissected one!

We got to touch and feel the squid and see his (this one was a boy) ink sack.

We showed Noirín the letters we have written to Councillor Terry O’Flaherty in the hope that she can get the council to clean up and maintain Ballyloughane Beach so it will be safe for us to paddle and swim in the sea there.

Teacher posted the letter today and we are hoping for a reply before the end of the school year.

Fingers crossed!!!

We heard that Ms. Cunningham’s class wrote to the Mayor.  We hope that some of the councillors can help us.