Drama with Mura

Drama with Mura

We have a week long drama lessons with Mura.

The lesson we had today was amazing!! (games, exercises, making boats and learning about St. Brendan).

We are really looking forward to drama time tomorrow.

Day 2: We really enjoyed some warm-up activities, making boats, making icebergs and making volcanoes.

We also played a very good game of “splat”.

Day 3:

We are really in the spirit of Brendan the Navigator.

We lived as monks today, doing chores on our island and then finding out about the voyage that St. Brendan is going to go on (maybe to discover America!).  After talking to St. Brendan we all hope that we will be chosen to make the voyage with him.

We are learning so much about St. Brendan the Navigator and having a lot of fun.

We are also enjoying all the vocal warm-ups and the drama games.

Day 4:

We had such a great day, but are very sad that our sessions with Mura have come to an end.

Today we had vocal warm-ups, played drama games and then went back to the business of St. Brendan’s voyage.

We worked in pairs to figure out how we would sail on the voyage with Brendan, we had a sea-fairing challenge (in the rat wheels) and St. Brendan travelled down a conscience alley to make the decision whether he should set sail or stay home (of course he chose to set sail!)

We even got to practise our rowing skills.

We have learned so much about St. Brendan and his voyage, and we have had a lot of fun.

Many thanks Mura!