Engineering: Flood Defences

Engineering: Flood Defences

It is nearly Engineers Week.  We discussed lots of structures in our locality that engineers have designed.

We were also talking about floods today.  We know that flooding can occur when rain lasts too long or it rains too heavily, or when there is a tsunami, or when a high tide and a storm/strong winds occur at the same time.

We had a look at some photos of damage that can be done by flooding.

We talked about the Lifeboat service in Galway, and how the volunteers save lives every year.

We had a look at a wave in a bottle, heard the story “Sharing a Shell” and most importantly, got to design our own flood defences.

We could select 5 items from a selection of sandbags, marla, lolly sticks, cotton wool, newspaper, balloon, stones and rocks.  We had to design a barrier so that our LEGO man would be safe from the flood.

We really enjoyed this task.  We had a great discussion on the benefits and downfalls of each of the different materials and their suitability as good flood defences.  We  can understand what an important job it is being an engineer and we felt each of us could become a good engineer in the future.

We were SO much better at this on our second attempt!