Hatching Chicks

Hatching Chicks

Ms. McGrath has a farm.

She has been gathering eggs for us to hatch.

Today we learned the difference between chicks, chickens, hens and roosters.

Only hens can lay eggs.  A hen will only lay one egg every day.

An egg can be hatched up to 14 days after it has been laid, but will only begin to hatch when it is heated (usually when the hen sits on it).

We have 20 eggs in Ms. Daly’s classroom.

They are in an incubator which will keep the eggs at a constant temperature, and will keep moisture at the right level and will rotate the eggs every 45 minutes (we saw this in action) so that the eggs are heated up evenly.

The eggs should hatch in 3 weeks.

We can’t wait to see the baby chicks.