Launching balloon rockets

Launching balloon rockets

We tried to fly a rocket balloon straight across the classroom to teacher.

We found that this is impossible.

So we thought a bit, and came up with some good ideas of what to do.

One idea was to blue tack a ruler to the top. This didn’t work because the ruler fell off.

Another idea was to tie the balloon to a piece of string, using a clothes peg.  We really thought this might work but it didn’t.  We think the peg was too heavy.

What about tying the balloon between two pieces of string, or tying the balloon to the string with another piece of string.  Lots of good ideas.

We finally decided that if we put a string into a straw, and then tied the balloon to the straw with tape, that this might help the balloon fly straight across the classroom.  IT DID! and we were delighted.  We even persuaded the balloon to travel uphill!