Coding and Lego Programming

Lego club Christmas
Lego club Christmas

Another term of Lego club has come to and end. This week we had free play with a hint of Christmas.We will back with a bang in January with lots of building to do.

Scratch Coding with SAP
Scratch Coding with SAP

All our five 2nd classes had a visit from  some really nice people from SAP (Brendan, Nathan and Brian) to teach us how to code.

We used a programme called Scratch, which you can download for free and use on your home computers.

We were shown how to add sprites, backgrounds, sounds and motion.

We love Scratch and hope to do lots more of it at home.

Here are some links so we can code at home:

Coding Again
Coding Again

We are becoming very good at coding now….Good enough to get a certificate!

We have spent a few hours over this last EU Code Week learning the basics of coding.

We love Kodables, Angry Birds, Ice Age, Moana, Star Wars and Minecraft!

We don’t even need help from teacher anymore!

EU Code Week: Monday Kodable and Angry Birds
EU Code Week: Monday Kodable and Angry Birds

We are celebrating EU Code Week this week by trying out some coding each day.

We are inviting another class to join us at each session.

We find some really good coding programmes to help us at our level from:

Our coding for today was with the programme Kodable.

This programme is really easy and we had a lot of fun getting our little furry guy out of the maze each time.

We also did some coding from The Hour of Code with Angry Birds.


We are really getting the hang of coding.

Why not try this at home?


Week 1

We are back!!

This year Ms. Dunne and Mrs. Greally are the Lego club teachers. Ms. Groarke is on maternity leave.

This week we had lots of beginners from first class. We tried to write our names in Lego.

Check it out!