Coding and Lego Programming


Coding during the holidays
Coding during the holidays

To the Principal,

Good afternoon. My name is Jonathan Comerford, I work with Cork Institute of Technology on a project called DojoMór. I am contacting you to ask for your support on behalf of the Higher Education Authority.

DojoMór is HEA-funded, nationwide, online coding fun-day for young people aged 7 – 17. Multiple workshops will be hosted from 9 locations around the country this Saturday morning. The workshops will deliver fun coding activities like programming a micro-chip, coding a virtual robot, building a software app, making music, building a website, and creating games.

Attached is more information. If you could circulate the information about this event within the school network that would be great and maybe we can get a few more sign-ups!

This virtual event starts at 10am on Saturday 24thOctober. There are currently over 4500 registrations from around the country and bookings can be made up until midnight this Friday at

Workshops include:

  1. Scratch – Create games and animations
  2. Lightbot – Programming made easy
  3. Thunkable – Building a software app
  4. Vex Robotics – Programming a robot
  5. Micro:bit – Coding a micro-chip
  6. HTML – Building a website with code
  7. Soundtrap – Making music
  8. Blender – 3D Virtual Modelling

The event is supported by Cork Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology Tralee, Calmast Waterford Institute of Technology, Maynooth University, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology, Offaly County Council and is funded by the Higher Education Authority of Ireland.

Any and all support is appreciated.

Best Regards,

Jonathan Comerford

DojoMór Project Cork Institute of Technology

Register Here

EU Code Week Hour of Code 2020
EU Code Week Hour of Code 2020

We can’t wait to get involved in EU Code Week 2020.

Here are some of the programmes tried!

Coding with Bee Bots 2nd class (Oct 2020)

Coding with Kodable and Angry Birds 2nd class (Oct 2020)

Coding with Minecraft and Frozen 2nd class (Oct 2020)

Coding with Play Lab 2nd class (Oct 2020)

Coding with Play Lab
Coding with Play Lab

We really enjoyed coding with Play Lab.

We learned lots of exciting coding and now we can make our own games.

We also got a certificate for the great coding work we did today!

Coding with Minecraft & Frozen
Coding with Minecraft & Frozen

We are getting very proficient at coding.

Today we tried some Minecraft

and some Frozen coding.



We all write the lines of code on our whiteboards and then one of our classmates tries it out on the interactive board.

We are using Blockly to code (blocks of code).  Now we are able to use directions, turns, repeat buttons.  Coding is very interesting!


Beginning Coding: Kodable & Angry Birds
Beginning Coding: Kodable & Angry Birds

We are celebrating EU Code Week this week by trying out some coding each day.

We find some really good coding programmes to help us at our level from: Our coding for today was with the programme Kodable.

This programme is really easy and we had a lot of fun getting our little furry guy out of the maze each time.

We also did some coding from The Hour of Code with Angry Birds.

We are really getting the hang of coding.

Why not try this at home?

EU Code Week

Here are some of the many CodeWeek activities in Scoil Chaitríona Junior, October 2020!


Scoil Chaitríona Junior’s EU Code Week 2020



EU Code Week 2020: Bee Bots
EU Code Week 2020: Bee Bots

We really enjoy coding with Bee Bots.


Lego club Christmas
Lego club Christmas

Another term of Lego club has come to and end. This week we had free play with a hint of Christmas.We will back with a bang in January with lots of building to do.

Scratch Coding with SAP
Scratch Coding with SAP

All our five 2nd classes had a visit from  some really nice people from SAP (Brendan, Nathan and Brian) to teach us how to code.

We used a programme called Scratch, which you can download for free and use on your home computers.

We were shown how to add sprites, backgrounds, sounds and motion.

We love Scratch and hope to do lots more of it at home.

Here are some links so we can code at home:

Coding Again
Coding Again

We are becoming very good at coding now….Good enough to get a certificate!

We have spent a few hours over this last EU Code Week learning the basics of coding.

We love Kodables, Angry Birds, Ice Age, Moana, Star Wars and Minecraft!

We don’t even need help from teacher anymore!