Coding and Lego Programming

Coding with LEGO WeDo
Coding with LEGO WeDo

We really enjoy construction and coding with our LEGO WeDo kits and our iPads.

We will try out a few tutorials and then we will design, make and programme our own creations.


EU Code Week 2018
EU Code Week 2018

We really enjoyed EU Code Week 2018.

We tried some coding every day, and invited other classes to join us..

We even tried coding at home too.

Computer programming is fun!

Click on each of the pictures to see photos and videos from each day’s coding.

Coding with Hour of Code: Kodable

Coding with Hour of Code: Angry Birds

Coding with Bee Bots

Coding with SAP and Scratch

Coding with LEGO WeDo 2.0 and iPads

Coding with Wonder Dots and iPads

Robotic programming

Coding with Candy Quest

Coding with Candy Quest

Hour of Code: Moana


More coding with LEGO WeDo and Wonder Dots*F

EU Code Week 2018
EU Code Week 2018

In our school, Room 9 will take part in EU Code Week.

Our aim is to run introductory workshops in coding each day in our class during the week.

We hope to try Scratch, Hour of Code, Lego Robotics, Bee Bots and Wonder Dots.

We are running these workshops with the support of Science on Stage.

Our special thanks goes to SAP for the wonderful Scratch workshop for all our 2nd classes, and to Galway Education Centre for the loan of the laptops for the Scratch workshops.

 Click HERE to see how we got on during EU Code Week 2018!

More information on EU Code Week here:

Check and see how we got on HERE

Coding with LEGO WeDo 2.0 and Wonder Dots
Coding with LEGO WeDo 2.0 and Wonder Dots

We have LEGO WeDo 2 Kits at school.

We can use these kits to make different models, then programme them to move using our class iPad.

Today was just an introductory day.  Teacher explained each step while we were making and programming the model.  Next time we won’t need teacher’s help.  We will be able to do everything by ourselves.

We also had a very quick introduction to our Wonder Dot, which we can also programme using the iPad.

We can’t wait to use our Wonder Dots by ourselves in our next session.

Bee Bots
Bee Bots

We are doing a lot of coding this week for Code Week.

Today we programmed Bee Bots.  This is very simple coding but it is fun and it gives us a really good base for learning more difficult coding.

Learning to Code with SAP
Learning to Code with SAP

We had some really nice people from SAP (Bruno, Thais, Helinna and Cathal) to teach us how to code.

We used a programme called Scratch, which you can download for free and use on your home computers.

Here are the links:

We really enjoyed making Hallowe’en games in our Scratch Coding.  Each game was individual and different.


Coding with Kodable and Angry Birds
Coding with Kodable and Angry Birds

We are celebrating EU Code Week this week by trying out some coding each day.

We are inviting another class to join us at each session.

We find some really good coding programmes to help us at our level from:

Our coding for today was with the programme Kodable.

This programme is really easy and we had a lot of fun getting our little furry guy out of the maze each time.

We also did some coding from The Hour of Code with Angry Birds.

We are really getting the hang of coding.

Why not try this at home?