Making Gloop

Making Gloop

We made gloop today, because it is so close to Halloween.

We used green food colouring to remind us of slime or intestines!

You can make this at home yourself.  All you need is cornflour (or custard powder), food colouring and water.

We even added a few googly eyes!

Add a small amount of water until the cornflour starts to look like a liquid.

If you leave the mixture alone (or push your fingers gently in to it) it will be a liquid, but if you thump or bang on it, it will be a solid.

Actually, it is called a non-newtonian liquid.  So is ketchup, which explains why ketchup is impossible to get out of a bottle if you thump the bottom of the bottle.

If you had a big enough bath you could even run across it!!!
Have a look: