Mirrors and Condensation

Mirrors and Condensation

We have been looking at mirrors today.

We worked with partners to become mirror images of each other, and we played a “spot the mirror image” game with coloured dots.

We noticed that cold mirrors have condensation (steam) on them when we take them out of the cool bag and into the classroom’s warm air.

We can also make our own steam (condensation) by blowing our own warm breath on the mirrors, or by placing the mirrors on top of a flask filled with very warm water.

We were wondering what materials can clean the condensation from the mirror.  We tried using paper towels, newspaper, straw, bicycle pump, eraser, cling film to clean the mirrors of the condensation.  We discovered that the soft items made with fabric did a great job, while the pump and straw had the most interesting results.  See for yourself: 

We spent some time this afternoon improving our oral language skills by making lists of nouns, verbs and adjectives that we used today, by sequencing a shower scene, by labelling body parts, labelling a face and by sorting items into shiny/dull/both.

We have learned a lot about the body and about mirrors and condensation today.

Lilu Photostory_1

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