Online Plan for Second Class


25/1/21 Monday websites: 

Tables: 1-

Maths Website:  Fractions

Reading: “Finn MacCool” Chapter 1

English Website: Adjective opposites

SESE Website: Animals of the Chinese New Year

Go Noodle: Clap it out

26/1/21 Tuesday websites:

Tables: 1-

Maths Website:  Fractions Splat

Science Website: Floating liquids

Cosmic Kids: Bop the Alien

27/1/21 Wednesday websites: 

Tables: 1-

Maths Website:  Fill the hundred square 100 Square Jigsaw (

English Website: Adjective pairs (remember to press the start button to play)

Geography Website: Water conservation game

Fyffes Fit Squad:

28/1/21 Thursday websites: 

Mass @ 10am

Tables: 1-

Maths Website:  Fractions Splat

Reading: “Finn MacCool” Chapter 2

English Website: Adjectives Click the picture

Another dragon:


Chinese Bamboo picture:

Go Noodle: Swirly Fingers

29/1/21 Friday websites: 

Tables: 1-

Maths Website:  Fractions Splat

Reading: “Finn MacCool” Chapter 3

English Website: Adjectives insert

Make a superhero float

Go Noodle: Jump like the bunny


18/1/21 Monday websites: 

Maths: Shape splat

English: Capital letters

SPHE:  Water safety

PE: Ffyes Fit Squad

19/1/21 Tuesday websites: 

Maths: lines of symmetry

English: Adjectives

History: John Barry

PE: Ffyes Fit Squad

20/1/21 Wednesday websites: 

Maths: shape symmetry

English: Verbs

Geography:  Story Drippy the Raindrop

21/1/21 Thursday websites: 


Maths: Greater/less word problems

English: Nouns

Art:   Make a boat that floats:

Or enter an art competition

PE: Mindfulness:

22/1/21 Friday websites: 

Maths: Symmetry matching

English: Prepositions

Science: Try and discover objects that can float or sink:

PE: Go Noodle, Run the Red Carpet

11/1/21 – 15/1/21PE websites:

Cosmic kids

11/1/21 Monday websites: 

Sheppard  software


Worldbook, Compare Ireland and China

12/1/21 Tuesday websites: 

Sheppard  software


Worldbook, Learn about China

13/1/21 Wednesday websites: 



Worldbook, Learn about The Great Wall of China

14/1/21 Thursday websites: 



Draw or make a Chinese Dragon:

15/1/21 Friday websites: 



Make some gloop with cornflour and water: