Road Safety Lesson

Road Safety Lesson

We had a visit from the road safety authority (RSA).

They helped us learn how to stay safe on our roads.

If we are walking we will stay on the paths, watch out for cars and bicycles and wear high viz vests if we can.

If we are on our bicycles or on scooters we will always wear a helmet, and also wear a safety high viz vest if we can.

When we are travelling in the car we will remember three things starting with a B:

Belt (we will wear our seat belts)

Booster (we will use a booster seat until we are 150cm tall and also 36kg in weight)..that’s the law in the EU!

Back seat (We will ride in the back seat of the car while we are still not adult sized, because we could be hurt if the airbag came on in a crash).

Thank you for helping keep us safe on the roads.

We were each delighted to receive a safety licence!