Tasting on Pancake Tuesday

Tasting on Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday

Today is Pancake / Shrove Tuesday. We had pancakes in school and we were able to choose our OWN toppings. But first, we needed to look at, touch, smell and taste each topping so we could choose our favourites. We l0oked at all the ingredients. There was sugar, golden syrup, lemon and Nutella.

Sugar: We poured a little sugar into a bowl and had a look. It was ‘grainy’, like sand. It didn’t really have a smell. Then we all tasted it. Some of us loved it, but some of us did not like it at all.

Golden Syrup: We examined the bottle and the colour of the golden syrup. Then we opened the bottle and smelled the syrup. It was very sweet! We each poured a little bit onto our spoons and tasted it. We all thought it was very nice and even went back for a second taste.

Lemon: We looked at the shape and the colour of the lemon. We cut the lemon in half and examined the middle. We touched it, squeezed it, smelled it and we even tasted it! We all agreed it was SOUR.

Nutella: This was our favourite! We looked at the jar, at the colour , smelled it and then tasted it. We love chocolate.

After our investigation, we choose our favourite toppings and pilled them onto our pancakes. YUMMY!