Using a light box and curved mirrors

Using a light box and curved mirrors

We had some interesting questions today?


We used a light box to investigate these questions and we found that:

Yes, we need light to see.  In a completely dark box we can’t see Lucky Duck (our fluffy) toy, or a mirror or star (reflectors).

We were able to see the light up stone (which is a light source).

We are now pretty sure that shiny objects are not light sources since we can’t see them in our box.  This makes sense since we can’t see ourselves in the mirror if our rooms at home are totally dark.

We have a better understanding now of light sources and reflectors.

We know the biggest light source (sun) and biggest reflector (moon).

We used Guzzler’s big book on energy to find out lots of interesting things about saving energy.

We also had some fun discovering what lego people look like reflected in regular and in curved mirrors.

We love using curved mirrors.  They really change the images of the lego people.