What Do Seeds Need to Grow?

What Do Seeds Need to Grow?

We think that seeds need soil, light, air, heat and water to grow.

We decided to test this out by planting cress seeds in different pots.

One pot of seeds will grow in soil, with light, air, heat and water.

Each other pot of seeds will be missing one of the things above:

No light (in the cupboard), no soil (pot with only water), no air (pot is covered in cling film), no heat (in the fridge), no water.

We will observe over time and see what happens.

We can’t wait to see.

After a week look at how our seeds have grown:

Our final pictures: Taken October 25th, 2018, just about one month after planting:

(Our pot in the teacher’s fridge – no heat – has got thrown out but teacher says that the seeds in that pot didn’t grow at all!)