2019/2020 Award of Science and Maths Excellence

Discovery Log 2019 2020

Science Foundation Ireland

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Log Book 2020/DSM/812

Scoil Chaitríona Junior

Renmore, Galway


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Classes Involved

Classes Involved:

Featured on our log book:

 Ms. McLoughlin (2nd),  Ms. Coade/Ms. Lally (2nd),  Ms. O’Connor/Ms. Lavery (2nd), Ms. Cunningham (2nd), Mr. Faherty (2nd)

Mr. Elwood (1st), Ms. F. Kavanagh (1st), Mr Lane (1st), Ms. McCaul (1st)

Mrs. Greally (SI), Ms. Flannery (SI), Ms. Mullins (SI)

Ms. Fitzgerald (JI), Ms. Ferguson (JI)

Ms. Warde’s class, Mr. Lawless’ class, Mr.  Haran’s class

Also involved:

All 1st and 2nd classes visited 2nd class, Room 9  (Sept 19) and Prefab 1A (Nov 19) for Castle (Engineering) Open Days  

All 2nd classes had an art environmental workshop with Lara Luxardi (Sept-Nov 2019)

11 classes visited Room 9 Space and Rockets Morning (10/10/19)

All classes in the junior school and some classes from the senior school watched the launching of outdoor projectiles (rockets) (10/10/19)

All 2nd classes had a Scratch Workshop with SAP volunteers (24/10/19)

All classes had a visit from Dogs Trust during science week (Nov 2019)

All 1st and 2nd classes had a visit from the Space Dome during science week (Nov 2019)

Step 1: Science

STEP 1:  Science

(4 hands-on science investigations, with at least one from each of the four strands)

Living Things:


Energy and Forces:




Environmental Awareness and Care:

Step 2: Technology

STEP 2:  Technology

(2 or more examples of the children using ICT)

We are involved in EU Code Week 2019!

Step 3: Engineering

STEP 3: Engineering

(2 or more examples of the children investigating engineering in class or in the local area)

Step 4: Maths

STEP 4 : Maths

(2 or more examples of the children using their maths skills as part of their science work)

We are involved in Maths Week 2019!

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STEP 5 : STEM Show and Tell

(at least one example)

Reflections of our open day