Advice for Parents

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Advice about school re-opening in September:

Coronavirus Advice

Educational activities to do with your children

during these home-schooling weeks:



  1. Read!  Catch up on all your favourite story books!
  2. Write: diary, letters to your friends, cousins, grandparents, lists, stories, poems, crossword puzzles, wordsearches.
  3. Take some exercise: walks, stretches, yoga, mindfulness, bike rides, skating. Gonoodle    Cosmic Kids Yoga & Movement
  4. Project time with your parents: Use paper, straws, cardboard, cotton wool, tin foil etc to make something really special together.
  5. Housework time: tidy your room, hoover, wash dishes, bake, sew, do some gardening,
  6. Explore interesting educational links to fun websites.  Educational links
  7. Teach yourself to touch-type.  Typing
  8. Enjoy this special time with your family!


Here are kids dance classes for the children of the school through zoom platform:

Please click on all pictures and on all links in blue to learn more!



Simple paper toys to make

Recommended schedule for second class work:

See you in a couple of weeks all rested and ready for school again!

World radio for while you work:

Galway City Council have set up a new

Community Support Helpline

9am-5pm 7 days a week.

Freephone 1800400150 or


Neighbourhood Watch

For those of you who love musicals:

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