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Log Book 2019/DSM/56

Scoil Chaitríona Junior

Renmore, Galway


Congratulations to all

on achieving our

Plaque of Excellence

and the new

Badge of Excellence 2019!

Predictions and what we learn from STEM

Classes Involved

Classes Involved:

Featured on our log book:

 Ms. McLoughlin (2nd), Ms. Forde (2nd), Ms. Coade/Ms. Lally (2nd), Ms. Cunningham (2nd), Ms. Lavery/Ms. O’Connor (2nd), Ms Warde’s class, Ms. Needham’s class, Mr. Elwood (1st), Ms. McCaul (1st), Ms. Moran (1st),  Mr. Moran (1st), Ms. McGuire (1st), Ms. Gillen (Sen Inf), Ms. Connolly (Jun Inf), Ms. B. Fitzgerald (Jun Inf), Ms. Mullins (Jun Inf)

Also involved:

All five second classes and one first class took part in rocket launching during Space Week (Oct 2018)

All five second classes attended a Scratch workshop run by SAP volunteers during EU Code Week (Oct 2018)

All five second classes took part in Space Week (Oct 2018) and EU Code Week (Oct 2018)

13 classes joined second class in their rocket launching display and all classes in the school took part in the large air and water rocket launches. (Oct 2018)

All 23 classes visited the science show Xperimental in our hall for Science Week (Nov 2018)

All 5 second classes used cabbage water to test our drinks for acid (Science Week 2018)

All 5 second classes used their STEM skills to design and make rafts, catapults and/or flood defences (Engineers Week, March 2019)

Dental workshop for all second classes (March 2019)

All classes attended a workshop on Irish animals from Connemara National Park (June 2019)

STEM learning is a priority in our school:


Step 1: Science

STEP 1:  Science

(4 hands-on science investigations, with at least one from each of the four strands)

Living Things:


Energy and Forces:




Environmental Awareness and Care:

(and also 2 or more examples below)

Science Speakers:


Science Week Event:


Space Week Event:


Other External Event/ Programme:

Step 2: Technology

STEP 2:  Technology

(2 or more examples of the children using ICT)

Step 3: Engineering

STEP 3: Engineering

(2 or more examples of the children investigating engineering in class or in the local area)

Step 4: Maths

STEP 4 : Maths

(2 or more examples of the children using their maths skills as part of their science work)


Step 5: STEM Show and Tell

STEP 5 : STEM Show and Tell

(at least one example)