Erasmus+: Bienvenue to Our French Friends

We had a wonderful day with our 33 new French friends and their 7 teachers and their bus driver.  A huge welcome toteachers Genevieve and Morgan and their classes.

They arrived this morning (via Cork) from École Notre Dame de la Charité in Saint Pol de Leon near Roscoff in Brittany in France.

They are staying in Galway for a few days, and we are getting the wonderful opportunity of learning together and playing together.

Today we began by getting to know each other. We used our recently learned French to ask each others names and ages.

We played games together outside, and we had fun racing each other.

Back inside the classroom we had a chance to rest, to play rock-paper-scissors, to do bottle-flips and to arm wrestle before heading outside to build structures, play games and make jigsaws.

Our picnic lunch together was a lot of fun, yard time with ALL the first and second classes, and learning to perform an Irish folk dance together (shoe the donkey) was energetic, but a great way to share the Irish culture.

Our friends have gone to do some sightseeing while the weather is nice.

We look forward to a day of drama and beach fun tomorrow (weather permitting!)