Engineering Week: Making Flood Defences

It rained very heavily all night.

This morning the roads and ground are all flooded.

We chatted about flooding today, looked up all about floods on our interactive board, then put our STEM skills to good use and designed our own flood defences.

This included:  Working in pairs to design a flood barrier.  Costing materials and working within a budget. Working with three pairs to form a team.  Electing a foreman for each team.  Buying the supplies (with a budget of just 30c per group!).  Constructing the flood barrier.

Next came the most exciting part of all:  Testing out our flood defences.  Our LEGO man had to survive a sudden flood!

We used all our skills of curiosity, questioning, problem solving, predicting, creating, collaborating, communicating, critical thinking, evaluating, finding information, offering explanations for our findings.

We enjoyed learning about and using all we know from Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

We really enjoyed this task.  We had a great discussion on the benefits and downfalls of each of the different materials and their suitability as good flood defences.  We  can understand what an important job it is being an engineer and we felt each of us could become a good engineer in the future.

We love STEM!!!