Engineers Week 2021: Learning about my Bicycle

We are really enjoying being young engineers.  Today we had a look at teacher’s bicycle.  We examined each part and tried to find out what these parts do.  Here are some things we looked at:  saddle, lights, reflectors, handlebars, mud guards, chain guards, chain, gears. bell, shock absorbers, stabilizers, pedals, drink holder, paniers, carrier, lock, bottle holder, basket.

We also talked about bicycle safety and what to wear to keep ourselves safe on the bicycle.

We looked at pictures of the penny farthing bike and how people who are blind can enjoy cycling by being on a tandem bicycle.  We know that unicycles have one wheel, bicycles have two, tricycles have three wheels (and we guessed that if there was a bicycle with eight wheels it would probably be called a “octocycle”!)

There is a lot of engineering involved in designing and making a bicycle.

Maybe we can do this when we grow up!