European Science on Stage Festival 2022

Our teacher was one of two Irish primary school teachers representing our country in the European Science on Stage Festival in Prague last weekend.

She met other European teachers of science, attended very interesting workshops, and learned lots and lots of things about science that she is going to share with us. We are very excited!

She also presented a workshop to other teachers from all over Europe…she shared with them all the experiments and investigations we had done in our project on “Flight”.  The teachers were very interested and impressed with all the work we have been doing.  We are very proud.

Science on Stage is a platform in which you can represent your school and your country, a chance to connect with enthusiastic science teachers from all over Europe, a chance to share all that is best practice in teaching and learning, and to bring some fantastic ideas and methods of teaching back to your school.

Check out Science on Stage Ireland and Science on Stage Europe websites.