Flight Lesson 3

We are so delighted to be joining our partner class (Fivemiletown) in Northern Ireland, and the wonderful Mr. Tony Monaghan for the third of 4 flight lessons.  Unfortunately we will miss our lesson next week because we will be on holidays.

Today, Mr. Monaghan explained about lift, drag, thrust and resistance.  These are the forces at play when an aeroplane flies through the air.

We also learned more about the Bernoulli principle.

Then we saw Mr. Monaghan do some simple experiments which we can do in class or at home (actually, we have tried some already).

We saw fizzy rockets, ping-pong balls fly over a hair dryer, balls of unequal weights falling at the same time, and how drones work.

It was SO interesting and we have learned such a lot about flight.

Many many thanks to Mr. Monaghan and Ms. Boyd from NI for including us in these wonderful lessons.