Fruit and Vegetable Tasting Day 2020

Each of us had to bring one piece of fruit and one vegetable to school today.


We used our senses to look at, to touch, to smell and to taste each piece.

Before we tasted the food we classified them into different groups (fruit & veg, smooth and rough, from lightest to heaviest (we used a balance to check),  by colour, size, shape-cylinder or sphere).  We also talked about what part of a plant gives us the fruit or veg, and we named the fruit and veg (and colours) in both english and irish.

We used the internet to check which were fruit and which were vegetables.  Our classifying is a little off…..lots of what we consider vegetables are actually fruits.  Even teacher learned a lot today!

We really enjoyed sorting all our veg and fruit into alphabetical order, and we even showed off our artistic skills when we made fruit and veg pictures. (Literally!)

We each got a tick sheet which we marked with an X if we didn’t try the fruit or veg, or with a smiley or sad face if we tasted the fruit or veg and liked or didn’t like it.   Any tick sheet with no Xs at the end won a prize.

We really enjoyed the day and we want to thank all our families for helping us bring all the different types of fruit and vegetables to school today.

A big Thank You to the student and her dad who brought in the fabulous fruit creation for the day!

What a fun fruity day!