Fun with Magnets!

We are learning all about magnets.

We tested out what magnets are attracted to (or not).

We learned that all magnets have a north and a south pole.  We could see that north poles of a magnet are attracted to other south poles but north poles repel other north poles and south poles repel other south poles.  We could get magnets to dance once we learned this!

We made our own magnets using steel nails, and our own electromagnets (magnets made by passing a steel nail through a length of wire attached to a battery).

We watched how iron filings are attracted to magnets, we made our own race tracks and mazes that we could run our paper clips through with a magnet underneath.

We also carried out tests to determine which magnets are strongest and which are weakest.

We know a lot about magnets now!

Be sure to scroll though the photos to see us in action.