Hallowe’en celebrations

We had wonderful Hallowe’en celebrations on October 28th.

Our school was well decorated and there was a very spooky atmosphere everywhere.

We are delighted to have been able to hold our annual Hallowe’en walk this year.

Many thanks to all who contributeed €2 to the Galway Hospice.


All classes are getting ready for our fun walk tomorrow (Friday,October 28th). Watch out for great Hallowe’en art all round the school. The highlight of Hallowe’en for us is our annual fundraiser – our “Hallowe’en Walk”. We will be dressing up for Hallowe’en and walking around Renmore on the morning of Friday 28th October. Thanks to all for help with the sponsorship money, and with the costumes. See you all on the 28th!

Big treat for us: The junior and school “Glee Club” will perform Thriller Dance Routine on the school yard after the Halloween walk,

 and the senior school glee club will perform their Ghostbusters dance routine.  There will be two shows DEPENDING ON THE WEATHER, one after the Hallowe’en walk at around 10:15am and the next at around 1:30pm.  Be prepared to be scared at our Monster Dances!  If it is raining we will try our best to perform as close to these times as possible.