Happy Halloween from 2nd Class!

Happy Halloween from all in Ms Molloy’s 2nd Class!


We loved doing lots of spooky activities leading up to mid-term. Here are some pictures of a couple of our favourites:

  • We conducted an ‘Elephant’s Toothpaste’ science experiment inside a pumpkin.

Hydrogen peroxide, yeast and washing-up liquid (and some very green food colouring!) were used to create an exothermic reaction inside the pumpkin. The result was great – lots of of green foam started to ooze out of our poor pumpkin’s mouth!

  • We made some ‘Day of the Dead’-themed Halloween art: Mexican Sugar Skulls!

Authentic  Mexican sugar skulls were made out of clay moulded sugar, decorated with feathers, coloured beads, foils and icing – yum!

We were delighted with our finished art pieces. Each of them was so unique and vibrant (and scary!).

Happy Halloween!

2nd Class’ Elephant Toothpaste experiment