Making Clouds and Water Cycle

We are learning about the Water Cycle.

Here are some links to help us learn:

We have been learning about the water cycle.

We love the water cycle song, and the story about Drippy the Raindrop.

We have got our own water cycle investigation ready.  We have filled a glass with water, measured how high the water came and marked a line on the glass to show the level of water in the glass.  We think that this water will evaporate if we leave it near the radiator in class. We covered the glass with cling film so if the water does evaporate it might condense into a cloud and we might be able to make our own rain.  We can’t wait to see what will happen.

5 weeks later:  We can see evaporation, condensation and precipitation in action on our windowsill:


We know how to make our own “cloud in a bottle”, but we need your help to light the match, and to drop it into a bottle that has a couple of drops of water in it.  Now by creating an area of high and low pressure (by squeezing the bottle and then letting go) we can make a cloud that only appears when we stop squeezing