Maths Week: Monday, Room 9

We are enjoying Maths Week.

Today we had our survey of the day.

We made a data chart of the houses in which we live.

We also went on a walk to look at the different types of houses in our neighbourhood.  We found bungalows, detached homes, semi detached homes, apartments, bungalows, thatched homes, 2 story and 3 story homes. We live in a great neighbourhood.

The highlight of today’s Maths Week was making 2D and 3D shapes from marshmallows. We made squares, triangles, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons and octagons. We made cubes, cuboids, triangular prisms, triangular pyramids and square pyramids.

We counted sides (toothpicks) and corners (marshmallows). We checked to see which shape is strongest (triangles are). We combined shapes to make structures and houses (houses, apartments and even a terrace of houses). When we have time tomorrow we will construct more shapes and structures using the bigger balls and rods.  We are very excited.