Money Under a Microscope

We have a microscope in the classroom.

We really enjoy seeing different materials and our hair under the microscope.  They look really different when they are magnified so much.

Today we examined some Euro money notes.

We looked for all the secret clues on the notes that prove that the notes are real and not a fake.

Under the microscope we even found letters, numbers and codes.  Now we know how to check if money is real or not.

Here were the challenges we did:

Using your sense of touch feel the texture of the banknotes.  Does this vary from country to country?  Special printing processes give banknotes their unique feel. Banknotes often have raised print on the note rather than the smooth texture of regular paper.

While holding the banknote to the light, investigate the portrait window, the watermark and the security thread.

While tilting the banknote, look for a silvery stripe which in Euro notes reveals a portrait of Europa in a transparent window and for holographic colours showing the amount of the note and the picture on the front of the note.

Using your microscope look for microprints hidden in the design of the banknote.

Can you find the map of Europe on the back of the bank notes? (including Malta and Cyprus)