Mopping up Spills: Checking Absorbency

We wanted to check different materials to see which material would be best to mop up spills.

Here is what we decided to do:

We brought in different materials from home to test.

Teacher cut up the materials so each on would be the same size (if possible).

We put each material into a container.

We poured exactly 3 small cups of watre on to each material.

We allowed the material to soak up the water.

We poured the extra water into cups.

We compared the amount of extra water and then lined up the materials according to which was the most abosorbent (the ones that had the least extra water.

We decided that the materials which are not absorbent must be waterproof.

The material that surprised us most was the sea salt. We thought it would soak up much more water than it actually did!