Our Engineer Eyes: Engineering Walk in Our Locality

We took advantage of the glorious weather today though and went on an Engineered Hunt today.  Here are some things we noticed:

Letterboxes at different heights, velux attic windows, TV antennae and satellite dishes, chimney protectors, wheelie bins, alarms, floodlights, traffic lights, double decker buses, lamp posts, and even a working railway bridge!  So many interesting things in our locality!

We talked about different structures, how they were designed, how they were made and how they help us in daily life.

We talked about which structures are “man-made” and which ones are “natural”.

We talked about different 2D and 3D shapes in the environment.

We think that engineering is a great job and some of us hope to grow up to become engineers in the future!

Even the clouds today were showing us their LOVE, which encouraged us to learn all about the water cycle and the names of different kinds of clouds!