Recommended work for Second Class

  June 22nd- June 26th  Virtual Tours


Today, I would like you to learn about our President and where he lives in the Phoenix Park in Dublin.

Click on each of the guides, Daithí Deer, Fiachra Fox, Sorcha Squirrel and Bláithín Bird, to tell you more. Take the virtual tour of Áras an Uachtarán, and check out all of the beautiful rooms! When you are finished, take the quiz to see how much you have learned.



Today, we are going to take a tour of the San Diego Zoo in California in the U.S.A. Pick your favourite animals and learn some facts about them. Explore the website and visit the tiger or koala enclosures…there are live webcams in there, but you might have to wait around for a while before you see anything happening, especially if they are asleep!



Today, we will take a tour of the Giant’s Causeway in Co. Antrim. Remember the story of Finn and the giant, Benandonner, who came to fight him. Tell someone at home the story…and don’t forget the funny part, where Finn disguises himself!



Today, take a look at the Cliffs of Moher in Co .Clare. I know that some of you have been there in the past….this is only a virtual tour…hopefully some of you will go there again soon!



Today, I would like you to explore the Natural History Museum in Dublin. This is often called the Dead Zoo. It has over 10,000 stuffed mammals, birds and sea creatures from Ireland and around the world, as well as skeletons and skulls of lots of animals.


Bonus: Some amazing seashore videos and activities from Scoil na Mara:

Seashore exploration:  Episode 1

Algae you are awesome!:   Episode 2
Fun in the intertidal zone:   Episode 3

Scoil na Mara seashore education  Activities


Enjoy your virtual tours and have fun!


 Challenge  June 15th- June 19th 

Virtual Sports Day 2020

This is what I hope you can do this week (instead of, or as well as other work, that’s entirely up to you).


  1. Open the Virtual Sports Day link
  2. Print (or write out) the page below.  You might need more than one page.  The more activities the better!  Try to do at least one different activity every day for the whole week.
  3. Record which activity you tried and answer the questions for each activity.  Short answers are fine. 
  4. Get someone at home to take a photo of your form and send this to teacher on Class Dojo or by email.
  5. Get someone at home to take a photo of you taking part in an activity and send this to teacher on Class Dojo or by email.
  6. Get someone at home to take a video of you taking part in an activity and send this to teacher by email.
  7. Try some fun art stuff related to sports day 
  8. Try some other related physical activities 

Dear Parents,
We can’t believe it is June and we are looking forward to working together to create an end of year assembly.  We are doing this firstly, to mark the end of the school year but also to wish all the children in 2nd class the very best as they move over to the senior school.
We are basing the assembly on Dr. Seuss’s book “Oh the Places You’ll Go.”  Over the course of the next week we will be sending out lots of fun activities based on the book.  We are hoping that every child will create a poster.  The poster can be based on:
  1. Recreate or personalize a scene from the book
  2. A place they would like to go
  3. An imaginary place
  4. Suggested art and craft ideas
We will give lots of ideas and support but mostly we just want the children to be creative and have fun!
When your child’s poster is complete.  Please take a photograph of your child holding their poster and send it to us.  This will form part of our virtual assembly.
We look forward to making memories.
Thanking you,
Second Class Teachers


This is what I hope you can do this week (instead of, or as well as other work, that’s entirely up to you).


  1. Read the book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss Oh the Places You’ll Go (book)
  2. Record yourself saying the lines below, and then send me the recording:  (you can use free Vocaroo or any other recording device that you can send me on Class Dojo/Seesaw or by email)
  3. Draw or make a poster of a place that you would like to go in the future or when you leave our Junior School.  This might help.
  4. Get someone at home to take a photo of you holding your poster and send that to me on Class Dojo/Seesaw or by email.
  5. Try some other fun art stuff  Oh the Places You’ll Go (art ideas)
  6. Try some other related activities Oh the Places You’ll Go activity booklet


Oh the Places You’ll Go

By:  Dr.  Seuss


Lines 1-5 – Ms. Lavery/Ms. O’Connor     

Lines 6-10 – Ms Lally/Ms. Coade

Lines 11-15 – Mr. Faherty

Lines 16-21 – Ms. McLoughlin

Lines 22-27 – Ms. Cunningham              


  1. Congratulations!
  2. Today is your day!
  3. You’re off to great places!
  4. You’re off and away!
  5. You have brains in your head!


  1. You have feet in your shoes!
  2. You can steer yourself
  3. Any direction you choose!
  4. You are your own person.
  5. And you know what you know.


  1. And YOU will decide where you will go!
  2. You’ll look up and down streets.
  3. Look them over with care.
  4. About some you will say
  5. “I don’t wish to go there!”


  1. With your head full of brains.
  2. And your shoes full of feet.
  3. You’re too smart to go down, a not too good street!
  4. And you may not find any that you want to go down.
  5. In that case of course, you will head, straight out of town.
  6. It’s opener there, in the wide open air.


  1. Out there things happen and frequently do.
  2. To people as brainy and footsy as you.
  3. When things start to happen.
  4. Which they usually do.
  5. Don’t worry and don’t begin to stew!
  6. Just go right along and you will start happening too!



REMEMBER….only the people who send a photo of themselves and their art work or who send an audio file of the lines will be on the assembly video that we make.  Go on, give it a try, all our second classes are doing the same.  It will be a gorgeous video and something special to remember your graduation from Scoil Chaitriona Junior in June 2020.



Here’s an idea of what our class would have been up to in school on these weeks:

Of course this is an indication of book work only, we would have spent considerable time also on art work, PE, drama, music, social personal and health education, religion, practical science technology and coding, gardening, swimming etc.

Enjoy your time together, keep exercising, keep reading and writing, keep baking and singing,

and above all