Science Week with Cell Explorers: Fantastic DNA

As part of Science Week 2020 we received an amazing box from NUIG’s Cell Explorers.

We were absolutely delighted to have our very own science lab in our classroom for the day.  We learned all about DNA, with the help of some really interesting videos.  We were fascinated by the fact that everything is made of cells, that there is a nucleus in each cell, and that there is lots and lots of DNA in each nucleus.  This DNA (our instructions if you like) is what makes each of us look, act and behave differently.  Now if only we could actually SEE DNA!

We were so lucky to get the chance to carry out the Banana DNA experiment in our classroom lab.

There was enough equipment for every single student and even though we worked in pairs, each of us felt like a real scientist.

We followed directions from the video and also from our own teacher.

We were so impressed with how easy (and FUN) it was to carry out each step of the experiment.

We also enjoyed filling in the questionnaire.  It is nice to let our Cell Explorer scientists know what we thought of today’s experiment.

The  very best part of it all was that we each got to take home our bottle of Banana DNA.

Happy Science Week 2020.  WE LOVE SCIENCE!

Here’s what we’d like to say to all the Cell Explorers Scientists:

Message from Cell Explorers and Galway Science and Technology Festival:

Win a place on the Cell Explorers ‘Fantastic DNA at Home’ private workshop on Sunday 22nd Nov (1pm or 3pm).

Take a picture of the ingredients needed for the experiment & email it to!

Details at

Video at: