Science Week with Scientific Sue: Mysterious Microbes

It is Science Week 2020.

This morning we had a terrific workshop with Scientific Sue.

We learned all about bacteria, viruses, how to clean our hands, how germs (UV powder) can gather on our hands, and how to wash our hands very well.

We did an experiment to see how live yeast can eat up sugar and  make Carbon Dioxide (this Carbon Dioxide CO2 can even blow up balloons!)  We discovered that yeast prefers two sachets of sugar rather than one or three sachets of sugar.

Teacher used a dental tablet to show how dirty her teeth were before and after brushing (she had not cleaned her teeth this morning so we could see how plaque can stick to teeth).  Her teeth look SO much nicer when they are clean!

We had a lovely snotty sneeze investigation too. We each designed all our own paper boys or girls.  We laid these on large sheets of paper.  Then we used a spray bottle with luminescent paint to pretend to sneeze along the line of paper children.  We had to predict how far the sneeze could travel.  We found that sneeze droplets could fly for about 2metres unless you wear a mask.  With a mask far fewer sneeze droplets will end up flying that distance.

We LOVED using the UV lamp to see (fake) germs on our hands and on the sneeze line.

We learned so much science today, and we had a lot of fun.

Many thanks to Scientific Sue and to Galway Science and Technology Festival 2020.