Sharing Our Art with QR Codes

We have made some lovely circus pictures.  Ms. Kyne’s class have made some lovely love bird pictures.  It was time to use technology to help us share our pictures.

At first Ms. Kyne’s class used the iPads to record the story behind each picture.  Then a QR code was matched to each picture.  Individual QR codes were stuck onto the pictures, and a QR code was displayed which allowed us to look at Ms. Kyne’s class blog, containing all the pictures on display.

Our class did the same with our circus pictures.

The fun part came when we could use the iPad cameras to read the QR codes.  Now both classes could hear the story behind each individual picture.  We found this so interesting, especially since we know some of the children in each other’s class.

Here’s the address of our class blog, in case you would like to experience this for yourself.