We have been talking about how to stop germs from spreading.

Today we learned how fast a sneeze can travel (as fast as a car on the motorway) and we talked about how sneezing and coughing can spread germs.

With the help of a balloon, cornflour, glitter and a pin, we got to see how germs can travel and then spread if we don’t catch the sneeze or cough in our tissues or in our elbows:

We also talked about our lungs and how they work.  We have a model of our lung which was made with a plastic bottle and two balloons.  The bottle is like the rib cage, the full balloon is like our lung and the cut balloon is like our diaphram.  When our diaphram expands outwards and at the same time our lungs expand outwards, then air is pulled into our lungs.  The air is expelled (or thrown out) from our lungs when the ribs squash in together and the diaphram is pushed upwards.  This is us breathing out.