Space Week 2022

We at Scoil Chaitríona Junior are thoroughly enjoying Space Week 2022

Click on the image above to see our Space Display Day … Space Week 2022 …

Here are some of the things we have done:

Made foam rockets 

Watching Jupiter

Made air rockets

The puzzle of Uranus

Solar System art

More foam rockets

Space data chart

Space books

Space display

Space questions

Thank you cards

Straw rockets

Mouse rockets

Meteors, meteorites, craters and the end of the dinosaurs

Art and Science


Still more foam rockets

Gravity and air resistance

Sound pop rocket and vinegar rocket

Space Boxes

Noisy rocket

Inter-class rocket launching

Mice rockets

Stomp rockets and elastic rockets

Fizzy rockets

Making parachutes

Space Week in Prefab 4B

Making paper rockets

Life as an astronaut

Space Assembly

Zoom call with ESA Engineer

Balloon rockets

Space week in Room 8

Volcanoes on Venus and Mars

Space week in Prefab 1B

Preparing for our space display day

Rocket launching

Space boxes in Room 15

Space week in Prefab 3A

More Space week in Prefab 1B

Foam rockets and astronauts

Cosmic art

Watching rocket launches

Space art

Space Display Day

Space Week Questionnaires

Be sure to click on Paxi to check out some really interesting space videos.

Click on the picture of the astronaut to see Astronaut Chris Hadfield videos.