Target Boards, Domino and Card Games for Maths Week 2021

We are celebrating Maths Week by doing extra FUN MATHS every day this week.

We used our mini whiteboards and a target board.

We identified big numbers, small numbers, odd and even numbers.  We looked at rows and columns. We sorted numbers from smallest to biggest and from biggest to smallest.

We looked at bigger, smaller than and equal sentences.  We made addition and subtraction sentences.  Above all, WE HAD FUN!

We also had fun with cards and dominoes.  In each case we played with a partner.  We had to turn over two cards or two dominoes and add up the numbers shown.  The winner of each round was the person who had the biggest number.  At the end of the game the person with the most dominoes or cards was the winner.  There was some skill and a lot of luck in these games.

We love Maths Week so far!