The Science of Dragons


Happy Science Week!

Here’s the dragon show we saw today.

We tried all the experiments. We really really enjoyed ourselves.

We watched Sue’s video and took part in all the experiments ourselves.  We loved the fact that there was a story running through the show.  Some of us have seen the “How to Train Your Dragon” videos and some of us have read the books.  Others in the class just love dragons anyway, so we found the show so interesting and exciting.  Here are some comments from our class:

“It was very cool” – Xavier

“Breathing fire dragons are cool” – Maria

“It was very exciting” – John

“It was a very cool show because we saw different kinds of dragons” -John

“We liked the show” – Conor

“I loved the end” – Emily

“Sue, did you have fun doing the show?” – Conor

“It was fun”- Daniel

“I liked the fire tornado and the balloon that made fire” – Adam

“I liked all the dragons and all the fire” – Khye

“I liked the gases that could turn on fire (Oxygen) and turn off fire (Carbon Dioxide) – Liam

“I liked it when the carbon dioxide put out the candle” – Juliet

“The show was fun to watch” – Niko

“We loved all the science you did Sue” – Mya

“We liked it. We hope you make another video”

“We’d love to read the book now”