Underwater Volcano

We had some very interesting discussions today.

First of all the materials for an investigation were shown to the children and they had to predict what the investigation might be about.  Many guessed that it might be about coffee (because of the coffee cup) or drugs (because we have been talking about ways to keep our bodies healthy and what might damage our bodies).

In fact, the investigation was to see what happens when cold and hot water mix.

The pupils made their predictions before we began.

After seeing that cold water sinks and that hot water rises (we tried this by having a little bottle of hot water with food dye in a glass of cold water and then by reversing and having a little bottle of cold water with food dye in a glass of hot water).

We tried to explain this.

We even predicted what would happen when we reverse the experiment and put the cold water in the hot water.

Next we tried to apply this to pockets of warm and cold water in the sea, and we tried to explain why different places in the sea are warmer or colder than others.

We explained what we can do if our investigations don’t always work out as we hope, and what we learn from this: