School Uniform

Pinafore: Royal Blue
Cardigan: Royal Blue with tipping
Polo T-shirt: Pale Blue

Trousers: Grey
Jumper v-neck: Royal Blue with tipping.
Polo T-Shirt: Pale Blue
Track Suit and Runners to be worn on P.E. days.
The school uniform may be purchased at the following:
Anthony Ryan’s, Shop St., GalwayNational Schoolwear Centre, Tower House, Tuam Rd., Galway.

Helpful tips

Elasticated waist bands in trousers are easier for small children to manage than buttons and belts.
Velcro runners are easier than lace ups.
Please label all clothing, bags and lunch boxes, as most are identical.

If there is an upset at home which you think may effect your child’s progress/mood/behavior in school please inform the child’s teacher.

This is really helpful for us in understanding your child’s individual needs.

(This information will be treated with respect and in confidence).

Information January 2023

Here’s some interesting information from the Schoolwear Cente regarding our Saving Scheme that might be of interest to you: