Virtual Visit with Pilot Kathan Dudhela and The Aviatrix Project

Kathan Dudhela was the youngest flight instuctor ever in the UK (at 19 years old) and is currently the youngest flight examiner in the world (at 21).

He took time out from his very busy schedule to visit us in school today.

He was absolutely AMAZING!  He gave us a really interesting presentation and then he answered all our many questions with kidness and thoughtfulness.  He is inspiring! We asked about storm clouds, about travel sickness as a pilot, about what happens if there are not enough seats on planes for all the passengers, about the best place that Kathan has flown to, about Hong Kong airport, about pilots wearing headphones on flights, about scary flights and landings that Kathan has had, about how pilots manage to eat and sleep on planes, about the uniform, about the many countries that Kathan could visit in one day, about whether Kathan is scared of heights or not, about Kathan’s favourite plane and about Kathan’s longest flight ever.  Kathan answered all these questions (and many more).  We were fascinated.

Many thanks to Kathan and to Kanchana from The Aviatrix Project for organising this visit for us.

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