Visit from a medical scientist

We had a wonderful visit today from Deirdre who works as an immunologist in the hospital.

She can study samples of blood or urine (pee) and find out about allergies.

Today she showed us some of the vials and bottles she uses in her job.

Deirdre also had petri dishes with an agar jelly.  Two of our students each placed a dirty unwashed hand onto the agar in a petri dish.  Then they washed their hands with soap and put a clean hand onto another agar dish.  We can’t wait to see how the bacteria grows in each dish.  We might even look at the bacteria under a microscope.  Here are the dishes after 2 weeks:

Before washing our hands:   YUK!

After washing our hands:  

We will all be sure to wash our hands more from now on!

Thank you to Deirdre for such an interesting talk.  Being a scientist and using STEM every day sounds like a lot of fun.