Windmill Kites

We made windmill kites today and we decided to do some scientific investigations with them.

Teacher had two examples but the funny thing is that one windmill rotated clockwise and the other windmill rotated in an anticlockwise direction.  We thought this was maybe because:-

  • the two different colours made the windmills rotate in opposite directions
  • the length of string was different for each (it wasn’t)
  • the size of the windmills was different (it wasn’t)
  • the type of paper was different (it was, but that was not the reason)
  • the string was tied differently in each windmill (it wasn’t)
  • that the windmills were made differently.  This was the correct answer.  One windmill had holes on the right of each triangle to allow the string to pass through, and the other had holes on the left of each triangle.  The windmills were mirror images of each other.

We flew our windmills outside.  We also used this time to investigate:-

  • whether our windmills rotated in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction
  • whether running faster would cause our windmills to rotate faster
  • whether running faster would cause our windmills to fly higher
  • whether the position of our hand on the string of the windmill would cause the windmill to fly in a different way

We LOVE science questions.  We LOVE thinking like scientists.  Above all we LOVE asking questions, predicting answers and then finding out for ourselves!