Zoom Space Call

A huge Thank You to Space Week Ireland who put us in touch with Eóin Tuohy.

Eóin is an Irish engineer who works with Éirespás.  He was working with ESA (European Space Agency) and he knows all about astronauts.

He was able to tell us lots about the training that astronauts need to do before they go to space.  He also told us of many other jobs that you can do and still be involved in space exploration (engineers, teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers etc.) His talk was SO interesting and he was able to answer all our questions.  About 14 of our classes joined in (some rooms had two classes working together).  That’s about 280 students who heard and were delighted with your talk.

Many thanks Eóin, you were fantastic altogether!

Many thanks too to our Starship Rocket Engineer who sent on the terrific video answering our space questions.

Here are the Irish Space Agency logos we designed:

Here are more Irish Space Agency logos designed by second class