Zooming About Instruments

First Class in Room 9 have been busy making musical instruments as part of Science Week’s lessons on Sound!  See close ups of our instruments here:

Today we had a zoom call with other first and second classes where the students from Room 9 introduced themselves, then explained how they made each instrument, what materials had been chosen in the making of the instrument and how the instrument is played.

Some of the instruments looked fantastic (but occasionally we had to play them with the use of our imaginations), and others sounded fantastic.

The students in Room 9 really enjoyed explaining all about instruments to the other classes and the students in the other classes enjoyed the lesson on how to make musical instruments.

Well done to all (and to the mums and dads who helped with the instruments)!

We especially enjoyed playing our instruments, and playing regular percussion instruments.

What a wonderful orchestra!

Teacher reflections:

The students in Room 9 were very excited about making instruments, and also about explaining to other classes about what materials they chose to make, and how the instrument could be played.  On the morning of the “orchestra” some of the students were visibly nervous about presenting to other students, but all participated well, and they were enthusiastic about their experience.  They were particularly excited to hear that some of the students in other classes might follow their lead and try to make their own instruments too.

Our students are very enthusiastic and excited about their STEM work, and seem to grow in enthusiasm and confidence with each STEM project on which we embark.

Each student articulated well what they learned about sound and instruments.  Every single student’s contribution was appreciated, and our students were very excited to be able to make a demonstration in front of friends from other classes.